Discussions about context, design, trends and concepts for creatives in the interiors world.


More than a Houseplant Trend – Designing for Human Nature

Since Lockdown people have been flooding garden centres and parks, growing veg, introducing house plants and reviving forgotten or under-utilised outdoor spaces. We are getting back to nature and inviting interactions with it into our lives. But why has this been so wide spread, and why has it made us feel so good? Something important within us is surfacing for discovery, something our wellness and fulfilment is rooted in, something that will shape the design of Sanctuary homes – Our story.

How Lockdown could set in motion a new era of living and design

Some of the most prominent design movements of the 20th century rose from substantial changes in how we live and earmark a period of time in history. The Corona Virus Pandemic and subsequent Lockdown has caused by far the most widespread change that I’ve encountered in my lifetime so what will it’s impacts be and could they to lead to a new design movement?

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