Who is your blog for?

This is the right place if you are looking for trend observations and creative inspiration for your interior related projects.

What value do you give your readers?

I know from experience that researching trends and concepts takes a long time and isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! But I do believe having and using this information is the difference between creating a pretty picture and something that can impact how we feel, act or even live. I really enjoy the early (and maybe nerdy) research and concept stages of the creative process so I’m going to share it here with you…

A Tailored View will be a portfolio of posts at your disposal, all about my trend observations, research, related influences, ideas of how trends can translate into concepts and how they can be realised in project. All of this research, inspiration and insight in one place will take you up to the point of getting hands on and designing. I will also release on Pinterest a mood board for each trend discussed as another reference for you so do follow me there too!

Why does your blog have credibility?

Firstly I guess I should say that I’m not writing my content to be taken as gospel. I think creative is always subjective and all the ideas, observations and development I talk about will be very much from my perspective and of my opinion (hence a tailored view…you see what I did there!) here for your interpretation. I am a Creative Recruitment Consultant with a degree in Surface Design; I am not a professional trend forecaster, nor am I an interior designer (yet). I simply have a passion for these areas and want to document my thoughts in a permanent detailed form (my Pinterest boards weren’t letting me discuss enough!) where others may be inspired to realise a project even if I cant (I need a house to play with- I’m working on it!).

What prompted the start of this blog?

Lockdown has meant a lot of free time! For me it has highlighted how little connection I have with my creative self and how much I miss being part of this world. I stopped designing 2 years ago after struggling to break into the industry and feeling uncertain of what direction I wanted to go in. I took a job as a Creative Recruiter which is really rewarding but it’s very different to realising your own creative ideas. I kept up with documenting trends, inspiration and concepts in Pinterest boards and, now I have the time, I’d like to use this blog to bring them to life and to act as my creative outlet. Plus there is just too much interesting stuff happening to not be a part of it! 

What’s your backstory?

Gosh, well I’ve always loved interior design. My dream job as a kid was to be an interior designer property developer. I even asked for a dolls house for Christmas so I could renovate it!

I grew up in a creative family, my dad is an architect and my mom trained as one but is now a seamstress with a love for history. Both showed me from a young age how context, no matter how seemingly far removed, impacts design and the way things look and this was fascinating to me! 

I had a brilliant art teacher in high school who challenge my thinking at every creative stage. She taught me to justify every creative choice, link it back to an idea, experiment with how to communicate that concept ect. She and my parents have been a massive influence in how I think as a designer. 

I went to university and studied Textile & Surface Design. I stupidly was intimidated by the technical  aspects of the Interior Design courses. It’s a shame because looking back I should have taken on this challenge! But my course was still great and I found ways to link it to the interior design world. After graduating I struggled with the direction I wanted to go in and eventually found myself working in London in Creative Recruitment which is where I have been for two years. For a job not designing it is actually really enjoyable and has taught me so many things that I wish i’d known when I was job hunting! But we live and we grow!

What have you been doing in Lockdown?

In a strange way I have really valued this time. It’s been great to reflect on what life consisted of before, pinpointing things you want to change and having the time and focus to make those changes!

I have transformed our terrace into an oasis, baked A LOT, taken up yoga and done a lot of training with my 2 month trial of Skillshare. And in between all of this I have mastered the art of Niksen – dutch for ‘doing nothing’. Its harder than it sounds!

And now I am taking on the daunting challenge of this blog…I’d love for you to subscribe and be part of this journey!

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